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Philips Capsule is a leading global provider of medical data technologies for hospitals and healthcare organizations. Our Medical Device Information Platform comprised of device integration, vital signs monitoring, and clinical surveillance solutions, captures streaming clinical data from connected systems and transforms it into context-rich information for clinical documentation, alarm management, patient surveillance, decision support, predictive analytics, clinical research and more. End-to-end data management and connectivity support better collaboration and communication between clinicians and departments. More than 3,000 global clients leverage our platform to improve patient safety, simplify workflows and raise overall satisfaction throughout the hospital and across care settings. Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, acquired Capsule Technologies in early 2021 and continues to expand Capsule’s vendor-neutral platform to support a wide range of healthcare and med-tech providers.

CapsuleTech Inc

a Philips Company



With over 2,700 hospital sites and 20 million patients connected annually, Capsule is the de facto standard for medical device integration and is expanding the boundaries of system interoperability, patient monitoring, and clinical surveillance. Through a consolidated Medical Device Information Platform approach, Capsule flexes and scales to provide the necessary resources and capabilities that fuel healthcare innovation and make proactive care a reality.


Medical device data is the key resource to transform reactive care to insight-driven, proactive care.


Quality Focus. Integration. Teamwork. We are a team of forward-thinking professionals committed to producing innovative technologies that help healthcare providers improve clinical and operational outcomes with timely data and revealing insights.


Guided by our commitment to patient safety, innovation and medical device data liberation, Capsule empowers clinicians with simplified workflows and timely, actionable insights. Capsule strives to improve outcomes for every patient by making the complex simple, and the simple insightful.


Capsule is the leading global provider of medical device integration (MDI) and information solutions for healthcare providers. Founded more than two decades ago, Capsule expanded its competencies to provide innovative clinical surveillance and patient monitoring technologies in the company’s mission to help clinicians simplify workflows and gain actionable insights. Capsule maximizes the value of livestreaming medical device data by analyzing and synthesizing it across multiple sensors and devices attached to the patient to advance insight-driven, proactive care